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As a strategic partner we craft digital-first brand programs and interactive experiences that resonate and differentiate in today's consumer-centric, ever changing business environment.

Web/Mobile Design Experience : UX/UI

Through a deep understanding of our audience's makeup and motivations, we design digital experiences that connect with people.

Graphic Design

No robots , just good humans: which means every project is individually customised to the taste of the client with focus on the targeted audience.


The best brands are the simple ones, they are easy to understand and impossible to ignore. We are focused on helping brands simplify and clarify what they stand for and who they are.

Our work

A small selection from our list of happy clients



BCITI Clothings

Print Graphics

Digital Drawings


Radnoy Maritime Services


Astute Consultants


Caveman Urban Wears



We're a focused team of creative designers and digital marketing experts with an adaptive approach to collaboration. We help our clients strategize and design valuable user experiences.

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    Simple Like the Japanese Flag!

    We believe in making the complex, simple. It has always been our value. Our core philosophy stands at the center of everything we make. The brand and experiences we build and create live at the sweetspot of clarity and surprise at the sametime positioned to matter in culture through shared ideas and values.

  • 04:17Hrs

    The taste bud never lies

    Simply put, brands thrive on their ability to be understood by everyone. When done right, simplicity is what connects a brand with its audience. This is the drive we pursue every day.

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    Recipies saved the Kitchen

    Talent always drives creativity. Just as we continue to evolve, so will the solutions we provide our clients.

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    Sushi from Italy?

    We are a small family but a large team. Technology has made it possible to be a globe throtter while sitting in a single location. We connect with our partners all over the world to make each project lavishly littered with unlimited resources.

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Our Amazing Team

We are a family of synergized people who play and work to produce amaizing projects for our clients.

Michael Eccles-James

Lead Web / Graphic Designer

Omoniyi Adesanya

Lead Digital Marketer

Femi Famuyiwa

Social Media & Branding

Together we evaluate each project and build around the concepts to archieve the realism our clients dream.

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